Mary's Home Industry Revamp


Published March 27, 2014 10:02

On Thursday 20 February Mary's Home Industry closed their doors and started there revamp adventure.

Mary's Home Industry has provided us with mouth watering morsels since they opened their doors at Sunridge Village in May 2004. Ten Years later they decided to close those same doors for 2 weeks revamp their store.

While we all felt a bit heart broken that we would need to go without Mary's Home Industry's Menu, and we are sure a few of you felt the same, we eagerly watched as the store we knew so well started to change in front of our very eyes. On the morning of Monday 17 March the staff of Mary's Home Industry were back and we couldn't have been more happy! We could not believe our eyes when their doors re-opened and we saw the beautiful store waiting for us to walk in and take our breath away. 

Mary's Home Industry may have revamped their store but their Menu is still filled with our delicious favorites so make sure you stop by and welcome them back.

View Mary's Home Industry's Tenant Page Here.

Click Here to View Photos of Mary's Home Industry's Revamp

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