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At The Pastryworks Bakeries, situated at Sunridge Village and in Fernglen and Walmer, we produce freshly baked Artisan style breads and pastries as well as wedding and occasion cakes.

The Pastryworks products are also available in selected supermarkets in the Eastern Cape.

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Birthday Parties
If you have children from the age of 6, you also have the opportunity to create your own class or to have their Birthday party in our kitchen. We offer a selection of exciting themes to choose from. We require a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 kids at a time.

Design a Cake
R125.00 per child
Cup cakes from scratch, icing, sugar flowers to decorate on pre baked chocolate cake.
Age: 6-14

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory
R130.00 per child
Chocolate spiral lollipops, chocolate face on stick, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cup cakes.
Age: 9-14

Design a Cupcake
R120.00 per child
Vanilla and chocolate cup cakes from scratch, 2 different icings and decorations made from chocolate & sugar.
Age: 6-14

Pizza Workshop
R140.00 per child
Create pizza bar with variety of toppings, make dough from scratch, roll out, top and bake and enjoy.
Age: 9-14

Pizza & Dessert
R150.00 per child
Same as pizza work shop but add a dessert, choose from soft chocolate pudding, self-saucing apple pudding or chocolate mousse.
Age: 9-14

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
R130.00 per child
Chocolate flower pot, cake, icing and sugar cookie flowers on a stick.
Age: 6-14

Fairy Princess Tea Party
R125.00 per child
Chocolate wands, cotton candy cupcakes, and sugar tiaras to be decorated.
Age: 6-14

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