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San Fernando's Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria

Our Story

Our journey began in Port Elizabeth in August 1994, when we opened Café Dulcé our first restaurant/coffee shop in the Greenacres Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth and realized our passion for the hospitality industry and customer service. We received consecutive awards proving our standard of excellence. At the end of January 1998, after three and a half years of great success, we sold Café Dulcé to move on to greater ventures. After 16 months of research, we then with the help of my uncle Carlos and aunt Elza, myself, Fernando and my wife, Magda, brought the St Elmo’s Woodfired Pizzeria concept to Times Square Shopping Centre, Walmer in May of 1999, as a family orientated restaurant with its own kiddies play center, a first in Port Elizabeth.

After three and a half years of great success, and bursting at the seams, we secured a bigger premises in Walmer Park Shopping Centre, one of the biggest shopping centres at the time in Port Elizabeth. We opened up our doors to the public in December 2002 and once again built up a great following, providing food lovers with authentic WOODFIRED pizza of outstanding quality, with superb service. 

This, together with a FREE delivery (within a 3km radius of the store), excellent service and our resolute insistence of using only the freshest, prime ingredients in all our products, created a successful recipe for us.

After 22 years of constant growth and success in the hospitality industry and upon hearing about renovations to the Walmer Park Shopping Centre, we decided after 15 years in Walmer Park, to step out of the franchise industry in November 2017 to create our own unique brand and franchise San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria, based on our expertise and experience gained over the past years through hard work, commitment and loyalty to our clients.

This new and exciting venture, combining fine quality food with a new bright and relaxing atmosphere, will still focus on our outstanding customer service and quality of the food that we offer. On this, we will not negotiate!

We are passionate about providing a world-class experience to our valued customers and community by delivering a premium, quality product at an affordable price, yet still delivering on a memorable dining experience for the entire family.

The vision of San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria, with our passionate dedication to taste, innovation and excellence, is to be the first choice for customers to enjoy dining on the best grills, ribs, steaks, prawns, other seafood, pizzas and pastas, including ordering take-out and delivery, in Port Elizabeth.

Celebrating all our Wonderful Seniors.

We thank you for your support over the years and to show our gratitude we will be giving all over 55’s a discount when dining with us. Available 11am-4pm every Mon-Sat ( excl. public holidays) get 20% off your meals and drinks. Proof of ID required. T’s & C’s apply.

A little bit of our History

Once being part of one of the oldest pizza family restaurants and the first food service company to deliver pizzas in South Africa (St Elmo’s Woodfired Pizzeria), we have learned what our customers want and deserve.

We, at San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria, will prepare pizzas in wood-burning ovens, whereby ensuring the authentic and preferred customer taste of South Africa.

We focus on top quality and service and in order to maintain that we have our own fully trained service delivery team. This ensures that we are accountable to our customers for both service and the quality of our products. This approach has contributed significantly to customer loyalty in Port Elizabeth.

We constantly work to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to improve our offering by subjecting our operations to independent quality controls. 

As a family restaurant we strongly believe in the protection of our environment, we will constantly work towards becoming even more “greener” and eco-friendly. Our delivery pizza boxes and serviettes are recyclable and our menus are printed on recyclable paper. In order to achieve that delicious, unique “woodfired” taste so loved by our customers, we use wood harvested from alien vegetation.

The main factor differentiating us from our competitors is that pizzas are prepared in traditional wood-burning ovens and we use only top quality ingredients. Pastas are prepared freshly at store level, using fresh ingredients and only using imported Italian pasta. 

Besides the wood-burning ovens there are some closely guarded secrets that we have created over the years and the competition has never quite been able to pinpoint, especially the ‘indescribable something’ associated with our mouth watering grills, pizzas, prawns, pastas and ribs.
Perhaps one of the biggest advantages for us has been the fact that we were part of a group of restaurants that had always been innovative. 

We aim to be a market leader in affording new and unique pizza experiences, and this gives us the edge at San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria.

The other advantages we have is the fact that we were part of a brand that was known for serving up a number of firsts, including: 

  • The 1st home deliveries of pizza
  • The 1st pizza slice outlets
  • The 1st pizza slice outlets
  • The 1st to introduce gourmet pizzas and pasta
  • The 1st to introduce bottomless sodas and family meals
  • The 1st to introduce safety seals on the pizza boxes

The innovative marriage of various quality toppings has differentiated us, and our development team are constantly researching and developing new recipes in our kitchen – not only new and delicious pizza and pasta combinations, but cutting edge desserts, meat dishes, grills and seafood too.

We make use of a well-known POS system, Pilot Software, to not only assist with order-taking, marketing, and interactive training but also to assist the store to run an effective accounting system, integrated into Pastel Accounting.
With these developments and our insistence on focusing on achieving complete customer satisfaction, we have added to the successful recipe for our business.


We believe that it is only through comprehensive training that we are able to equip all team members with the knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure that we consistently deliver an outstanding value package to customers.

The quality of the San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria experience is in the hands of the people who interface directly with its customers. It is for this reason that we focus much of our training on our frontline “Service Representatives”. The name says it all.

Our Food

As a family restaurant, our concept includes an extensive sit-down menu ranging from delicious starters such as snails and mussels to our mouth-watering selection of pizzas, pasta, prawns, grills, other seafood, etc.

We use only top quality brand-name toppings and ingredients, baking our pizzas and all our products in our three large Italian WOODFIRED ovens. The bases are very special, made with secret ingredients utilized to enhance the quality.

In order to produce the best pizzas, we need a little extra time. Please be patient, we assure you it will be worth your while!
We are excited for you and your family to come join us and explore our brand new store and we invite you to become acquainted with our exciting new brand and become part of our family.

To all our existing clients, we thank you for joining us on the next exciting part of our journey and we look forward to many more years of great success and quality dining experiences at San Fernando’s Grillhouse & Woodfired Pizzeria.

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