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Your skin is our passion!

We're passionate about helping clients to better understand their skin. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal skin health by using innovative, non-invasive products and technology. So if you’re not entirely happy with your skin, why not give us a call today?

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About You

Your skin is a living, breathing organ, constantly influenced by external and internal factors such as; temperature, wind, cold, what products you apply, what you eat and drink, stress, hormones, sleep and exercise, to name but a few.

We believe that by working together and using the correct regime for you, optimal skin health is achievable.

BT MICRO Treatments

What is it?
BT-Micro combines ultrasonic exfoliation with patented micro-current capabilities, ensuring optimal penetration of products.

How it benefits you:
Leaves the skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for product application, resulting in plumper, firmer skin.
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Bt Gear Analyze Main BT-Analyze

What is it?
The Bt-analyze uses advanced technology to calculate the moisture content of the skin.

How it benefits you:
This device is used in multiple zones of the face to clearly define the needs of each area, ensuring that we make the best choice of product for your skin.
BT Vision

What it is?
BT Vision offers the ability to analyze the skin at multiple magnification levels with the perfect light every time, this helps determine the correct skin treatment for you. 

How it benefits you:
See clearer, be clearer.
Bt Vision

We incorporate BT-Micro and Analyze technology in our Classic Facials without any further cost to you.

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Lazer Hair Removal Treatment Prices


Botulinum toxin type A or Botox, as it is more commonly known, is a popular requested treatment at OptiSkin. Dr Malherbe is registered with both the Health Professionals Council of South Africa as well as the British General Medical Council where he received his training in 2005. His meticulous and professional approach has quickly gained the respect of his patients. 

Dr Malherbe is available every Tuesday for Botox treatments, booking essential.

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Hellocare Sun Protection

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of having to shave, wax or pluck unwanted hair? Ever worried about the pain of the procedure? Have you tried the new Harmony Lite Laser Hair Removal treatment now available at OptiSkin.

It’s the fast, easy and comfortable way to eliminate unwanted hair – permanently! The first of its kind in the Eastern Cape. Effective and suitable for all skin types and any area of the body.

The Alma Harmony Lite uses the latest technology with a new in-motion technique, ensuring quick, effective and virtually pain-free hair removal.

Ask us if this treatment is right for you and then schedule an appointment to discuss the area on your body you’d like to target! Free consultation and test patch. Virtually pain-free, permanently hair-free!

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Reward Programme

Because you’ve been loyal, and we think you’re worth it, we’d like to spoil you with something special. After having 10 treatments you will qualify for a free Express Facial targeted at your specific needs, as well as a 5ml Refine- Foliant exfoliator.

Reward cards are only available at OptiSkin.

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