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Here at the KEG, you can spend a 'lifetime' just tasting and experiencing all that we have to offer you. Starting with our 'Good Food' menu selection that will satisfy your desires without testing the limitations of your wallet. Just keep a watchful eye on culinary promotions to come!

Our 'Thirst Things First' drinks menu will test you with our selected range of chilled and perfectly pulled pints of draught beer, to a wider range of bottled - local, international and imported beers. Our cocktails will delight in taste sensations as much as they do in color and desire. A selection of wines, which if you will allow them to, will entice you into the world of romance from whence they came from. 

Our range of spirits will please all taste buds and egos alike. Finally, the seductive allure of exotic liqueurs that will delight you when the evening is almost done.

If you're not adverse to our delicious drinkables, you'll know that a little bite is always a great idea. So why don't you let us slice, dice and make something nice for you to nibble on? Our chefs are generally bighearted so you don't have to eat alone while your friend gives you the sad puppy eyes. Our Home style Burgers, Homemade KEG Pies and Pub Classics like Steak, Egg & Chips and Bangers & Mash are just a few of our tasty options on offer.

The concept of where pub meets restaurant, that offers an exceptional meal at a reasonable price, offering a taste and atmosphere our customers enjoy. Our wide range of beers, ales, lagers and cocktails offers the customer the tastes of the world in the comfort of our cozy pub.
At the KEG, we invite you to share numerous visits with us, with the hope that each experience at the KEG will leave you wanting to come back again. And again...

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