The Sunshine Festival

Published August 26, 2013 09:39
Source Wendy & Bonita from Sunridge Primary School

The Sunshine Festival takes place annually at the Sunridge Primary School. In fact, they had their Festival last weekend.

The festival commenced on the Friday evening with the Rico Clotz 5km run/walk followed by an evening of music.
(Rico Clotz was one of their teachers who passed away within a few months of being diagnosed with cancer, their family actually won the prize for being the Family Home in the 2011 Sunridge Village Family Run/Walk).

On the Saturday morning about 1 200 children took part in various sporting activities. The parents were entertained to the rugby on a big screen in a marquee tent and there were food vendors around the sports fields.

It was a fantastic festival filled with all sorts of fun including a flash mob. We hope to see more festival goers join us next year!

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